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Get it Right… Do not Just RELY on Spell-Checker!

Repeatedly there are many common grammatical errors and misused words published in online property editorials and social media posts…it is not a good look for any Agent, because ‘old-school’ or not, many of us still know the difference, and nothing will detract more from your professionalism than poor grammar (and your vendor will not be impressed).

Complement vs Compliment:

Complement completes something, i.e. neutral décor may complement contemporary furniture.  If something complements something else, it completes it, enhances it, or makes it perfect.  This is usually the complement we should be using in our property marketing copy; however, many people get confused and use compliment, which is a noun expressing praise or admiration for someone, or a verb when you compliment someone on doing a good job.

Storey vs Story:

Storey is what should be used when describing levels in a home/building, as opposed to a story being a narrative.

Dual vs Duel:

It is dual living; not duel living.  So many property ads talk about duel living – it is dual (as in double), not duel as in battle/conflict.

Sought-After vs Sort After:

A location or type of property is sought-after NOT sort after; sought being an adjective and sort being a noun or a verb.  A desirable location is ‘sought after’.


double ‘mm’ and double ‘cc’ always.  Spell checker should pick this up, but again it is often spelt incorrectly…not a good look to be in the property business and not be able to spell accommodate correctly!

Remember, a spelling checker on your computer will not pick this up, as both are correctly spelt, it is the use/context that is incorrect.

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