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Outsourcing Your Property Copywriting

We don’t just save you TIME! There’s more….

When you outsource your property copywriting to a professional, you don’t just save precious time, you also increase your chances of receiving additional free marketing. 

Most local newspapers have a weekly or bi-weekly property supplement; the editors are always seeking slickly written copy to publish.  Make sure you submit your property editorial with a high resolution image/photograph for their consideration.  If published, you will not only increase that particular property’s exposure, and delight your seller; you will also increase exposure of your profile/brand.  Even better, there is no charge from the newspaper!

Whilst there is no guarantee that any submission will be published; it doesn’t cost you to submit, and it only takes a few seconds to send an email. Don’t give up or be despondent if your first few submissions don’t get published; be persistent (but not annoying)!  If you DO invest in professional copy, you WILL increase your chances significantly.

Make sure if your piece DOES get published to flick a ‘thank you’ email to the editor – it will be appreciated, and of course, let the owner know…don’t waste the opportunity to look proactive!

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