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Does the Copywriter Need to View the Property to Write the Description?

Remote real estate writing services save you time and money.

One of the questions agents and vendors ask us, is ‘how does the writer create the copy without physically visiting the property?’

The answer is with the information you (the agent) give us and the extra research we do.

While some copywriters may need to see the property and are therefore restricted to a specific location, at Professional Property Copy, we write for agents across the country. We have clients in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, ACT, Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia.

Our copywriters research the neighbourhood and the area to identify nearby amenities and other benefits of the location. We also research any additional relevant information that might be helpful. Research is a vital (and also fun) part of any type of copywriting.

This process has allowed us to provide copy to satisfied agents for over a decade. Not only does outsourcing save you time and stress, there are additional benefits to hiring a real estate writer.

Benefits of Remote Listing Copywriting

The four main benefits are:

A Remote Copywriter is More Cost-Effective

Onsite visits are charged at a higher rate. You’re paying for the copywriter’s time to inspect the property and travel costs. If the copywriter doesn’t live close, those costs really add up!

With a remote copywriter, you’re only paying for the writing they produce – that means more money in your pocket!

A Remote Copywriter is Less Hassle, More Convenient

You already have a lot on your plate scheduling all the real estate support services: the property stylist, photographer, floorplan designer, marketing and printing team, and everything else that goes into listing a property.

An onsite copywriter is just one more appointment to schedule. Avoid the scheduling nightmare with a remote copywriter – all you have to do is email us the details, and we’ll get on with writing your property description.

A Remote Copywriter is Less Disruptive

One less onsite visit means one less disruption for the owner or tenant. They don’t have to accommodate yet another stranger going through their home.

We Provide a Faster Turnaround

With no appointments to schedule, no travel time, and no property viewing, we can get started writing your copy without delay and, more importantly, get the copy back to you pronto so you can get your listing up as soon as possible.

In fact, under most circumstances, we have a 24-hour turnaround.

What We Need From You To Write a Property Description

By not requiring an onsite inspection, we save you a lot of time, money, and hassle, but there is some information we need from you to write a compelling and accurate description.

  • A floor plan (if available)
  • Images
  • Features list
  • Copy template (if you have a preferred structure and want us to work with your writing template).

Also, asking the current owners what they like about the property provides us with golden nuggets of information that enhance our copy.

A picture can tell us the property has an expansive alfresco, great for entertaining, but only the current owners can tell us that the local wallabies come down to the back fence every evening, and it’s those details that make each property uniquely special and makes the copy compelling.

If you have any questions about our real estate writing services, head over to our how it works page, where we answer all our frequently asked questions or give us a call to book your next copywriting job.

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