Professional Property Copy

Copy with IMPACT!

Add impact and therefore effectiveness to your real estate marketing copy by selecting words and phrases that enhance the images.

Words that are effective in property copy because of the emotions and mental images they evoke include: lifestyle, alfresco, cosy, intimate, spacious, crisp, contemporary, chic, classic, sophisticated, elegant, inspired, breathtaking etc…

Using appropriate adjectives sparingly so as not to over-crowd the text with too many descriptive words is the key; the flow needs to be smooth and sound effortless, read your text aloud to assess how seamlessly and logically it flows.

The property needs to sound appealing and inviting, without over-selling its features; keep it interesting but honest, simple but engaging.

If you struggle to find the time to write effective real estate copy, we can supply it for you – ready for your marketing campaign.  Contact to find out how we can help you.

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